My Business Interests

Information Technology Field:
Applications Development and Customization
For Legacy & Windows Based Platforms
Internet & Marketing Fields:
Graphical Development,Innovation and Customization
Website Creation, Development, & Marketing
Mailorder Business Development, and Strategic Planning
Book Manuscript Development & Publishing
Creative Writing, Poetry
Retail / Wholesale Business Development:
Strategic Business Planning
Accounting System Development, and Planning
Advertizing Strategies Development
Project or Program Management:
I have 25+ years in business, and I am sure that with some mutual planning we can improve your planning and business operations. Email me and lets Talk:
If you have a business idea or existing venture and feel it is too much or you feel you need some assistance in planning or business ideas development. Then, email me and we can discuss your situation and needs. Perhaps we can develop some ideas for you to pursue to resolve a problem or expand into new avenues of revenue.

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