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What is the definition of a
Leader or Manager of People

With a 27+ year career in the Information Technology business over a varied range of industries, has borne out a methodology of leadership and an appreciation of quality business practices to become the cornerstone of my experience. From beginnings as a vendor and client oriented systems analyst, roles and years of experience spanning both technical and marketing responsibilities as well as those of an independent IT consultant, have honed skills to think both creatively as well as strategically. Business activities in everyday as well as those more complex and challenging days are dealt with in a manner which is both guided and collaborative when people, technology and business issues must be balanced and coordinated to reach the maximum results for the corporation as a whole.

My personal view on management is one of establishing a clear vision, ethical business and personnel management practices, while maintaining a well-informed corporate and objective view of the business initiatives. This managerial perspective is one of a non-controlling leader of professionals, but that of an authoritative and highly influential leader whose goal is to facilitate and guide these other skilled professionals to do their tasks to the best of their abilities, and meet the desired business objective.

Management skills of people and situations, in everyday and complex situations is a matter of well-informed and focused planning, working with others in a collaborative way to enhance both experience and development of not only the corporation as a whole, but the people working for the common good of the corporation.

Leaders are smart, alert and aware. They understand complex issues, recognize trends. They understand multiple and varied points of view.

Leaders are creative. They can "think outside of the box", using both reason and intuition to come up with innovative solutions. They are open to suggestions, and welcome and foster the ideas of others.

Leaders have a clear sense of vision. They have a thorough and objective view of the changes reshaping the work and their corner of it. They build and maintain local, national and international perspective.

Leaders are vurious and lean constantly from a variety of sources. They are broad-minded and well-informed.

Leaders are courageous. They are willing to take risks. They create fallback plans to deal with consequences that prove to be negative.

Leaders think strategically, and stay informed to remain strategic in both the short and longer terms.

Leaders are action oriented and work towards well-defined objectives.

Leaders are collaborative. They show concern and consideration for the views, ideas and perspective of others.

Leaders are strong communicators, able to persuade and explain. They listen effectively.

Leaders are emotionally intelligent and build strong relationships with others.

Leaders have stamina and can handle stress.

leaders are open-minded, tolerant, respectful of differences.

Leaders have courage. They are confident and composed, have strong sense of themselves and can take criticism.

Leaders know that the rules apply to them as much as they do to anyone else. They make mistakes, admit to them, learn the lessons and move on.

Leaders have strong personal values. They make ethically sound decisions and act accordingly. They honour their commitments.

Above all, the best leaders today recognize that leading others is not about control or celebrity status.

Contemporary leadership is about accepting people as they are.

It is not about judging them, but supporting them to get the job done as the leader sees fit. Its about maximizing your influence on others, not aboout trying to control them.

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